Wall Colors

Some key points of the article are many people on the autism spectrum can easily be stressed by the wall colors in offices. If brighter colors are used to paint the walls of an office they cause stress and other emotions to people and those can more negatively affect people with sensory problems. More mute colors such as light green and light blue allow people to feel more welcomed and calm. While bright colors like orange and yellow make people uneasy and more likely to not work or go back to that establishment.







Bad Websites

Some common errors I've seen from these poorly designed websites are the use of space. There is either way too much information and images that it begins to feel cramped, or there is not enough text that makes the page look empty. I chose Historian of the Future web page and what I would change about is the background and the amount of information that is on the page. The background is way to busy and sometimes it is hard to read the text. Also the amount of information on the page made it look cramped. Also the page as a whole needs to be updated.

Coding For Jobs

I read the article about aviation and I chose it because it seemed like an interesting use of coding and I was curious as to what they would use it for. The author explained that they were creating a system that would help airline companies to deal with the massive amount of paperwork that goes along with the planes getting new parts. They are creating a system that will scan the paperwork so that it is on it's own database instead of having to carry amount boxes and boxes of files. The engineers need to use C#, JavaScript, HTML, and SQL. Most of the engineers learned these tools when getting their degrees in software engineering.

Government Privacy

I believe that people do have the right to keep their information private. If the larger tech companies decide to add ways to get inside of somebody's phone for the government, then other people would find out those back doors and take the information. Both articles gave great points as to why people deserve their privacy on their devices. As one of the articles mentioned about how if the government is allowed to classify their information then their people should be able to classify their own.